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9 Tips to Boost Triathlon Performance

Traithlon training

1)Laces:Lace locks and elastic laces unit a decent facilitate once creating a shot to put your feet into your trainers as fast as come-at-able. Rather than trifling alteration laces and fastening bows, simply push your feet in, slip the lace lock into position and you’re off. As an awfully low worth, its money well spent which they’ll stop hassle and valuable time in your triathlon athletics.

2)Lycra:For triathlon, lira is your friend. Pick shut Lycra kit to avoid soreness between the thighs so as that you’re going to be comfortable for the game and running disciplines. Lycra kit doesn’t live therefore sporting it below your wetsuit suggests that you’ll save time inside the initial transition.

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3)Consecutive Sessions:Unit the foremost effective because of trains your body to agitate the strain of adjusting from swimming to sport or sport to running. Observed as ‘brick’ sessions, where you complete two disciplines directly once each other, active bricks in work will cause you to lots higher return triathlon race day.


4)Open water swimming: If your swim is in open water, attempt to apply beforehand in an exceedingly very lake or the ocean. Open water swimming is unbelievably altogether totally different to pool swimming, requiring an extra upright position and you may get pleasure from getting used to the extra buoyancy that a wetsuit provides, which might collectively have a sway on your swimming position.

5)Removing your wetsuit:Wetsuits unit robust to urge obviate at the foremost effective of times and even further therefore once you unit hurrying voluminous to avoid wasting} lots of valuable seconds in an exceedingly} very triathlon. To help removal once your swim, magnificently apply petrolatum before the race to areas like below the arms and conjointly the legs, so as that your wetsuit will slide off with ease. Petrolatum conjointly can facilitate guard against soreness problems.


6)First, high cadence biking: The bike-to-run transition typically plays disturbance alongside your legs as you suits the varied demands on your body. To make the change-over easier, inside the walk of the bike course you want to opt for a lower gear and spin your legs at a more robust cadence (number of revolutions per minute). Decrease the load inside the last stretch of the cycle section will facilitate your legs suits the new demands of the running section of the triathlon.


7)Short stride at the start: At the start of the run section, your legs can typically feel important once sport therefore begin with a shorter stride than usual, then step by step modify as your body gets used to the new discipline.

Improve your triathlon performance


8)Steel on self for transitions: T1 and T2 (swim-to-bike and bike-to-run changeover) unit where valuable time are going to be won and lost. Lay a clean towel next to your bike and totally lay out your kit inside the order that you’ll place it on, so as that dynamic is simple once you’re dashing between disciplines.

9)Perceive your triathlon route: Forewarned is forearmed. Before the race, take a look at the transition entrance and exit from the directions you will be approaching and exploit them. Knowing your route can stop wrong turns and wasted time therefore makes bound you check everything out beforehand.

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